the system

The special plus of a safety system

Any system can only be as strong as its weakest point and as known from previous experiences joints of manhole systems are such, and therefore it was this particular area for which a solution was sought. This can be found in the credible econorm® system particularity with the combined sealing and supporting function of the integrated Top-Seal-Plus gasket.

Numerous detailed material, load, seal tests and static calculations give a reference for the correctness of this development.

The in the new Standard V-4034-1 specified vertical load tests of all system elements show convincing results, which have been pioneering for today’s Standard.

The staggered access into the manhole is the result of optimal static calculations and load tests. Besides conventional calculations, calculations according the finite element method (FEM) were carried out. Extensive testing where manholes are loaded until breakpoint is proven by the calculating models.



Because the dimensioning of the econorm®-manhole access the cross section was enlarged by about approximately 25 % this arrangement now allows more manoeuvrability during inspection and maintenance work.

The conditions of employer's liability insurance have to be kept in mind under all circumstances. The econorm cone fulfils all the requirements of Standard V-4034-1.


The special feature of this intact consistency of econorm manhole elements according to the new Standard V-4034 part 1 is the integrated seal and load compensation gasket.

Have a look at the complete range of system elements. Exact measurements and CAD-files are available of all elements.


Standard V-4034 part 1 and econorm®

Only econorm® fulfils all Standard requirements of the latest Standard V-4034 part 1

Often copied - but unbeatable

The success of econorm® shows that there is hardly an alternative substitute coming close in comparison.

You can recognize the innovative original every time:

  • its undivided integrated gasket with cast-in load compensation,
  • non flexing load resistant elements, the 610 mm access, vertical
  • load testing to more than 400 kN for all individual econorm┬« elements
  • and the complete assembled static checked system - from manhole
  • bottom up to adjustable cover