the econorm gasket

The gasket element Top-Seal-Plus


Any system can only be as strong as its weakest point and as known from previous experiences joints of manhole systems are such, and therefore it was this particular area for which a solution was sought. This can be found in the credible econorm® system particularity with the combined sealing and supporting function of the integrated Top-Seal-Plus gasket.

Optimal load distribution:

A sandbed is a practice proven method to obtain stable foundation with even load distribution. The sand filling of the Top-Seal-Plus-Element guarantees an even, non moving load compensation between the manhole elements. Static and dynamic loads resulting of self weight and traffic with heavy vehicles are compensated reliably without damage to the gasket element or manhole component.

Permanent gasket:

How long a gasket remains tight is dependant firstly from its quality and being in the correct position and secondly if manhole components are undamaged. Factor one is already ex works guaranteed with econorm® by the immovable and correctly integrated Top-Seal-Plus-Element and factor two by the increased econorm® wall thickness together with the compensating qualities of the gasket elements.

100 % Perfect close fit:

Using lubricant the assembly is trouble-free. The manhole elements themselves joint into each other by their own self weight and sit directly water tight and safe onto the Top-Seal-Plus-Element.

With it you are guaranteed always on the safe side!