the advantages in comparison

The econorm has been compared with the leading systems on the market. In the following, the

systems and criteria make clear that you have all advantages on your side with econorm.

These systems were compared with econorm

different substitutes plastic manhole DIN-manhole
different loose load compensation elements monoliths  

Judged according following criterions

  • system static / stability
  • tightness
  • longevity
  • installation handling
  • costs / economy
  • staggered access
  • weight
  • ecology
  • DIN-conformity
  • national supply

That are your advantages

System-static / Stability

The matchless spigot end with 70 mm guarantees more safety against the conventional systems with 45 mm. Vertical loads over 400 kN were statically tested on every component. Static certificate on demand.



Statically safe height compensation

The height compensation is carried out by the cones with 350, 600,850 and 1100 mm. The statically weak component with 250 mm is dropped.


15 cm Wall thickness

For the security the 15 cm wall thickness of econorm®-components is obligatory.

15 cm wall thickness does not demand for water pressure test according EN 1917.


Tightness and load compensation

The integrated Top-Seal-Plus-Element guarantees tightness even byhigh ground water level. The not resilient sand filling compensatesvertical loads.


Installation handling

You save through the fast installation already during works with theplugable system. This system excludes mistakes on building site.



The econorm®-system surpasses the requirements of the DIN V 4034-1as well as EN 1917 since 10 years. The uniform fitting of double stepsaccording DIN 19555 guarantees safety for the maintenance personal.


Easy to maintain, staggered access

The staggered access comes up to the demanded rules for preventionof accidents (BaGUV ┬ž5, Abs. 13, 01/1997) by an inner diameter over 600mm.


Longevity, ecology

By its solid construction econorm is more long-lasting as all othersystems and needs less repairs. Its tightness leads better waste waterresults and save costs for the sewage plant. econorm® is a plus for theecology and local budgets.


National sales

By the organisation of the econorm®producers in one group itspossible to buy the econorm®-system nearby. The short hauling distancessave costs.